Video from Stephen Quake's lecture on Single Cell Genomics is now available

Professor Stephen Quake recently spoke as part of the annual series of David L. Weaver Endowed Lectures. Video of his talk is now available and is included below. His talk focused on the topic of 'Single Cell Genomics': Methods for genomic analysis at single-cell resolution enable new understanding of complex biological phenomena. Single-cell techniques, ranging from flow cytometry and microfluidics to PCR and sequencing, are used to understand the cellular composition of complex tissues, find new microbial species and perform genome-wide haplotyping. Single-Cell Genomics, Nature Methods 2011

Video from Justin Siegel's talk at 'An Evening with the Genome Center'

Last Saturday (October 4th), the Genome Center reached out to the community and hosted another An Evening with the Genome Center event. This time, the event featured Assistant Professor Justin Siegel, who gave an engaging talk on the following subject: A Winning Combination: Video Games + Science: A unique strategy for training the next generation of scientists to build novel therapeutics and bio-based products. His presentation is included below (apologies for the static in the early part of the video, the audio quality improves after the first couple of minutes)…