You can call the Genome Center for general enquiries at +1 (530) 754 9648, our fax number is +1 (530) 754 9658. Individual core facilities can be contacted as follows:

  • Bioinformatics Core 530-752-2698
  • DNA Technology (Sequencing) & Expression Analysis Cores 530-754-9143
  • Metabolomics Core 530-754-8553
  • Proteomics Core 530-754-5298
  • Tilling Core 530-754-1316
  • Yeast One Hybrid Services 530-752-4656


To send mail to anyone in the Genome Center, please address it to the person, lab, or core facility you wish to contact, and then include the following details: UC Davis Genome Center 451 Health Sciences Drive Davis, CA, 95616 USA.


Core facilities can be contacted as follows:

  • Bioinformatics Core - 
  • DNA Technology & Expression Analysis Cores -
  • Metabolomics Core -
  • Proteomics Core -
  • Tilling Core -
  • Yeast One Hybrid Services Core - 

For computing-related questions, please email For all other enquiries, please email and we will pass your details on to the relevant people. Please do not contact the Genome Center web admin for personal queries related to COVID-19 testing. Refer to the COVID-19 Testing website for specific contact information and FAQs.